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Visalus protein shakes taste good and they work.visalus shakes


Fred- I’ve been on the shape kit for 9 days now and I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time!!! These shake taste great!

Karen- some of my family joined the challenge and have had amazing results. I have always been skeptical about weight-loss shakes, but now that I’m older it is much harder to keep off extra weight so I thought I’d check it out  and join, both me and my teenage son have lost weight in the first week . With all the positive data and personal success, I’m sold and want to help others find this great, safe way to lose weight and keep it off.

Jude– Finished my second Challenge Last Night. I have lost a total of 68 pounds in 6 months. Since i am getting my product for free because I told a few people about this,  i am going to keep going and see how much more I can lose.


Shannon So I’m on day 36, so far i have lost a total of 16 lbs. I have lost 2″ from my chest. 2” from my waist and 1  1/2″ from my hips. Some of my clothes are starting fit better. I feel really good and I have more energy than I did before. I started a new job 2 week ago, and it’s great that I can freeze my shakes. I don’t have to worry about slipping back to my old routines of junk food while I’m at work. Next week I start walking during my lunch break to keep more active. Good luck to those of you that have just started you challenge. You will see changes very quickly.



How does Visalus work?

Is Visalus some kind of magic potion, or does it have a secret ingredient that will make you lose weight overnight? No but over time let’s say 90 days it could help you transform your body. You could lose weight and get in better shape, maybe add some lean muscle and give your body better nutrition to help you function better and feel better. Keep in mind that visalus doesn’t treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease.




Most customers are reporting fantastic results having a shake or smoothie twice a day with one or two healthy snacks and a regular meal did you know that nearly 40% of adults don’t eat breakfast, this is a huge mistake, not eating breakfast could really slow down your metabolism, The morning is a great time to have a quick Visalus protein shake blend it with low fat milk and a banana you would you’re your body about 20-25 grams of protein, plus a full serving of fiber along with prebiotics, digestive enzymes and around 30% of your R.D.A of essential vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind the Visalus shakes are low in sugar, fat, carbs and sodium.

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visalus shakes taste good


By now you must have heard about the visalus shakes that are sweeping across the nation and Europe, they are very popular its part of the Body by vi 90 day challenge. Thousands of people every day are joining the challenge,  everybody has a different challenge in mind when they join, whether you have  10 pounds to lose or 100 visalus shakes can help you reach your fitness goals The Visalus shakes taste good.

With a proprietary blend of protein, fiber, and nutrients you can get healthy nutrition while cutting calories . This unique shake provides a satisfying meal replacement without high levels of sodium, sugars or carbs. People love the taste of these shakes, you can mix the vi-shape powder with just about any juice or milk product and add just about any ingredient such as fresh or frozen fruit to make it even more delicious. just replace one or two meals a day and you should see results fast, so if you want to get in better shape start you Body by vi 90 day challenge this week.

visalus shakes

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what is Visalus

Founded in 2005, Visalus is at present considered to be among the best fitness programs and nutritional companies on the globe.  A brand new fitness challenge has been started by Body by VI and thousands of individuals all across the world are taking part in it as a means of getting into shape.  It is a 90-day challenge designed for individuals who are serious in relation to becoming a great deal more focused on fitness.

This challenge by Body by VI is opened to any person who would like to be converted into a fitness machine.  There are a number of different programs from which individuals can choose.  Whether you want to boost your metabolism, lose weight, become more focused on fitness or just build lean muscle, the 90-day fitness challenge from Body by VI has a fitness plan just for you.

The vitamins and protein shakes for weight loss are formulated scientifically to target the specific area on which you want to focus.  The protein shakes for weight loss are referred to as a protein mix which is similar in taste to cake mix, in view of the fact that they are so good.  The majority of protein shakes for weight loss can have a bad taste, leave you with a bloated feeling and have a gritty consistency.  However, the protein shakes which are incorporated into the Body by VI fitness challenge are chock full of calcium, fiber, protein and a great deal more, which includes whey protein; best of all, it has a great taste.  The whole idea behind the vitamins and protein shakes is to give support that will provide your body with the ideal nutrients that will assist you in feeling your best.

There are quite a few more really nice features of this company and one of them is that the company gives back in a number of ways.  There is a program undertaken by the company in which they encourage you to donate nutritious, healthy ViSalus meals to kids who are underprivileged, by matching any donation that you make.  Up to this point, the company have donated in excess of 500,000 nutritious and healthy meals to families and children who are unable to afford to purchase healthy meals.  In addition, you will be able to win really cool prizes, including a new BMW, tropical vacations and a great deal more.  Each year, ViSalus gives away in excess of $47 million in free products, prizes and vacations.

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